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Weighted Stainless Steel Magnetic Lock Ball Stretchers

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Weighted Stainless Steel Magnetic Lock Ball Stretchers

Feel That Pleasurable Tug On Your Balls While Jerking Off & Having Amazing Sex !!!

Cum Harder than you ever thought possible! Let these exceptional weighted ball stretchers give you that pull and tug for immense overwhelming pleasure! The ranges in weight and size will give you the ability to use more than one and explore the wonderful World of BDSM pain pleasure sensations.

There are 5 different fantastic weights to choose from, so you can find your perfect stretch level, for an amazing climax! As well as ranging in weight these ball stretchers also range in length, giving you more choice to cater to your individual needs. The innovative magnetic locks are fast and easy to get in place if you are in a rush to get busy!

The magnetic locks make the process of using our ball stretchers much easier and smoother than some of the older traditional stretchers that involve the use of alan keys which is a much harder and slower process!!!

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100% Brand New High Quality.

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Key Features:
Item: Weighted Stainless Steel Magnetic Lock Ball Stretchers (Sold Individually)
Item Type: Weighted Ball Stretchers
     Smooth, Sleek Look & Feel
     Modern Square Edged Design
Sizes & Weights - Small to Large: (Look at Size Chart)
     Item 1:
     Length: 0.55 inches/1.4cm
     Weight: 230g/8.1oz
     Diameter: 1.34 inches/3.4cm
     Item 2:
     Length: 0.79 inches/2cm
     Weight: 340g/12oz
     Diameter: 1.34 inches/3.4cm
     Item 3:
     Length: 1.18 inches/3cm
     Weight: 500g/17.6oz
     Diameter: 1.34 inches/3.4cm
     Item 4:
     Length: 1.57 inches/4cm
     Weight: 690g/24.3oz
     Diameter: 1.34 inches/3.4cm
     Item 5:
     Length: 2.2 inches/5.6cm
     Weight: 960g/33.9oz
     Diameter: 1.34 inches/3.4cm
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel, Magnets

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